WYCRC achieves top excellence status!

We are proud to announce that we are the first CRC under new ownership to successfully achieve the EFQM two star status.
The European Excellence Model (EFQM) is an accreditation which shows how well an organisation is performing and where improvements are needed. Organisations are assessed on a number of criteria such as; leadership, strategy, people, partnerships, resources, products, processes and services.

Bill McHugh, Chief Executive at WYCRC, says “We decided to apply for the EFQM because we are committed to continually reviewing and improving our work. We know that The West Yorkshire Probation is a great CRC, but we also know we could be even better. In an increasingly competitive world, we need to be the best.”

Our level of engagement from employees involved in the EFQM application further impressed the EFQM Assessor, with the organisation stating; “We congratulate The West Yorkshire CRC in gaining the two star status, we fully appreciate the enthusiasm and passion shown for the delivery of excellence across the organisation.”

This rating makes us stand out from the crowd and shows that we are an organisation to be trusted to do our job, and to do it well. We focus on delivering probation services to offenders with complex needs, who pose a risk, and often have chaotic and troubled lives. We work with our partners and the National Probation Service to deliver innovative approaches, to supervise and rehabilitate offenders, in order to reinforce our central commitment of making West Yorkshire a safer place to live and work.

EFQM Committed to Excellence 2 star status is part of the recognition available for applicants to EFQM Committed to Excellence and is available to those organisations which choose to apply for the new Assessment option. Visit: http://www.bqf.org.uk/ or http://www.efqm.org/ for more information on the status award.