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What is it like to work in probation and West Yorkshire CRC? There are lots of roles from office administrator, finance, human resources, as well as working as case managers and Community Payback supervisors working directly with offenders.

Read our people’s stories as the talk about a day in their life working in the probation service.

Elizabeth Sang – Case Manager

“I wanted to join the probation service to contribute to the local community by supporting individuals that are often very vulnerable due to leading chaotic lifestyles.”

Suhail Nawaz – Senior Case Manager

“I joined probation to make a difference, to support change and help people become better humans. I have seen first-hand the difficulties faced in my community and I am grateful to be able to help people and reduce crime. I take great satisfaction from the work we carry out and I am confident in saying we make Bradford and surrounding areas a safer place”

Michaela Ferrer – Case Coordinator

“Having spent time on reception, I have seen how service users can literally turn their lives around, finding accommodation or employment, moving away from drug and alcohol use, and moving away from crime. Their lives can change in such positive ways through the work that we do with them”

Dave Finney – Community Placement Supervisor

“I have been working as a supervisor for 18 years and it is a joy to come to work – I am a people person who likes the engage and encourage my team. I love seeing people change and gain life skills that will make them more employable. I feel so good when a service user completes his order”

Roxanne Charles – Case Manager

“To me, it’s not just a retribution for committing an offence it’s an opportunity to move on from that mistake – making amends with family, finding housing or employment. Also, having someone reliable that you see each week supporting you to move away from an offending lifestyle and what comes with it means a lot to some individuals”