Woodhouse Mills Pond – Community Payback

Back in February this year the WYCRC Community Payback team were contacted by Woodhouse Mills Pond, a local wildlife sanctuary in Huddersfield, requesting help to build an outdoor water area which would be used as a teaching facility at North Huddersfield Trust School.

Joe Beaver, a Senior Lab Technician at the school, initiated the project as a way to create a safe water area within the school grounds. The Community Payback team saw the project as a fantastic opportunity to help build a legacy for generations to come, while allowing children at all levels to connect with the full life cycle of plants and insects.

Joe was exceptionally pleased with the support and hard work from those on the Community Payback programme. Joe says “All my preconceptions of Community Payback workers were dispelled in just a few hours, they worked incredibly hard, were pleasant and to be honest the complete opposite of what I expected. I was genuinely shocked at the work rate and the amount of work completed. I would have been happy if the litter was removed, but look at it now, a pond, with the surrounding land ready to plant and the whole area around cleaned up.”

West Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company actively encourages the public, faith groups, local businesses, voluntary groups and local authorities to contact us and nominate projects which will make a real difference to our communities. Please view our Community Payback page for more information, or email WY_CRC@west-yorkshire.probation.gsi.gov.uk to suggest a project.