Suhail Nawaz named in Probation Champion of the Year awards

Suhail Nawaz named in Probation Champion of the Year awards image

The winners of the Probation Champion of the Year awards will be named later at a major event in London where Suhail Nawaz from West Yorkshire CRC has been shortlisted in the Fairness, Decency & Respect category.

Suhail, a senior case manager, based in Bradford worked for a number of local agencies such as Foundation Housing and NACRO before joining the service in 2010 as a PSO in Bradford. Suhail quickly progressed and qualified as a Probation Officer in 2012 when he went to work in Wakefield in the High Risk Team supervising MAPPA cases, Sex Offenders, lifers.

In 2014 Suhail transferred to Fraternal House and worked within a generic team and continues to work in Bradford.

Suhail said: “I joined probation to make a difference, to support change and help people become better humans. From a young age, I have always held an interest in criminology and the law which prompted me to undertake a degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Bradford. I have seen first-hand the difficulties faced in my community and I am grateful to be in a position to  help people and reduce crime.

“My personal values arise from my religion and my upbringing and these are a perfect match with the values of my organisation. I take great satisfaction from the work we carry out at West Yorkshire CRC and I am confident in saying we make Bradford and surrounding areas a safer place.

My personal values arise from my religion and my upbringing and these are a perfect match with the values of my organisation. I take great satisfaction from the work we carry out at West Yorkshire CRC

“I am pleased with the award nomination and would like to thank my manager Helen Ward, who nominated me, my team Bradford Flex Team 3 and my mum who have all supported me throughout. It’s always nice to be acknowledged for the hard work we do and I feel this should happen more often as there are many others who equally deserve to be recognised in the work place.”

In his endorsement of Suhail’s nomination West Yorkshire CRC chief executive Martin Davies said: “Suhail’s working approach exemplifies how a good modern probation officer should work.  Embracing diversity and individualism, whilst recognising how to use to make positive change.

“What helps to make Suhail stand out, is his approach in bringing in partnership agencies and his enthusiasm to continue to learn, while encouraging his team to join him on the journey.  Bradford, one of the most ethnically diverse parts of the country, needs someone like Suhail, who can transform what can be seen as a ‘rigid’ criminal justice system, into one that embraces difference and works in an effective manor to support the change in negative behaviour.”

Suhail – we hope you have a great night on Thursday.

UPDATE: HIOW CRC probation case manager Aaron McCabe was named the winner in the Fairness, Decency and Respect category, while HIOW CRC’s Rob Marsh was a finalist in the Change and Innovation category. (Read more)

And here’s what his colleagues say about Suhail:

“Working with Suhail is an absolute pleasure. He is by far one of the most kind-hearted people I know. He is very experienced and passionate about what he does and this clearly shows through his practice. As a case manager training to be a senior case manager, Suhail is an inspiration and what I would aspire to be like once qualified.
“Suhail is so thoughtful of his colleagues and always takes the time out to help others. Suhail you are a credit to our office and the staff at Fraternal House. Good Luck.”
Roxanne Charles, Bradford Flex Team 1

“Congratulations Suhail! In the short time I have known Suhail he has been nothing but supportive and helpful to me and made my move into case management an easy one. I couldn’t have asked for a better colleague. Lots of hard work and lots of laughs too. Thank you and well done, you very much deserve it. “
Harjinder Rai, case manager

“I would like to give my support to Suhail. I think he is a conscientious and hardworking individual who is always happy to help both staff and service users alike. He has a lovely kind and genuine nature and I think he would be deserved winner and represents the service well.”
Naomi Richardson, Bradford Flex Team 1

“I would like to register my support for Suhail Nawaz in the Probation Awards.  As a relatively new Case Manager, and not even in Suhail’s team, he has always been helpful and supportive to me in my role. It is clear he is well respected by service users and colleagues alike.  He is always happy to share the benefit of his experience in a way that is completely egalitarian in nature.
“He thoroughly deserves this award.”
Sheila Wood, case manager

“I have had the privilege of working in the same team as Suhail for the last 12 months. He is a colleague who is willing to assist anyone at any time when he’s available. Always with a smile and absolute professionalism. People have different learning styles and some people take more time than others to embrace new skills. Suhail is very aware of this and his patient, caring approach to this and all his work is a credit to him.”
David Clarkson, treatment manager

“Suhail is coming to the probation awards and is nominated for the acting with fairness, decency and respect category. Suhail is a gifted probation officer who I’ve worked with over a number of years. He is innovative, and has always been keen to bring communities together to offer new opportunities to offenders.
“Suhail has trail blazed diversity work, working closely in pilots that have tested approached to working with learning difficulties to leading service user involvement and his work BAME community groups. I’m delighted that Suhail is being recognised for his contribution to changing the lives of offenders in Bradford.”
Pip Tibbetts, practice manager

“I’m the equality and diversity business partner for WY CRC and Suhail has been tireless in championing issues of equality for his (and others) service users.  He’s a real star and I wish him all the very best for the finals – he should definitely win!”
Alison Fisher, equality and diversity business partner

“Suhail is an absolute legend. I am a relatively new starter at WYCRC and from day one Suhail has been nothing but supportive.
“He always has time to answer my many questions, despite being very busy himself and always goes the extra mile to give me as much info as he can. This extends to the rest of the team as well he is always ready to lend a hand. He inspires me daily, he shows great commitment to his role, he works very hard and really looks out for his service users.”
Lisa Fearon, case co-ordinator

“In addition to my previous email regarding my mate Suhail. Could I also add that I have never met a man that can wear his trousers so low the seat of his pants sits just behind the back of his legs. It’s an amazing feat but not as amazing as keeping his humour in the face of ever increasing work, keeping a kind spirit when colleagues continue to ask the same questions over and over again and that he has the ability to still find time to talk about football even when he is busy.”
Karl Horsman, case manager