Sarah always does the right thing

Sarah always does the right thing image

Sarah Hughes, senior case manager at West Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company, has been named the winner in the Interserve Annual Awards’ Do The Right Thing category.

Sarah supports people on probation to make sure they do not re-offend, or cause harm to themselves and others. She works with people who often have complex needs.

Sarah was nominated for the Do The Right Thing award for her efforts to save the life of a female service user, who had sent Sarah a text threatening to commit suicide.

Sarah, of course, did the right thing. She contacted the service user and established that she had overdosed on prescribed medication. Sarah immediately alerted the emergency services and mental health team and stayed in contact with the service user to assess the risks and to locate her to direct the emergency services.

As a result, the ambulance crew found the service user and gave her the medical attention she needed. The service user is now in secure accommodation, is engaging with mental health workers and there have been no further incidents of self-harm.

Receiving the award Sarah said: “I am absolutely over the moon with winning the award and it feels amazing to have been acknowledged, given the challenges we all face in our day-to-day job. I am still shocked by it all. I do feel I was just doing my job.

“What really motivates me in my job in probation is the service users I work with, supporting people to change, my friends, team and colleagues who keep me going.

“Being part of the Interserve family means so much to me. To work for an organisation that recognises the difficulties we face and the challenges my colleagues and I deal with day in and day out, is a proud feeling. We only usually get to hear about the things we don’t do and so it’s very humbling to be recognised for something positive.”

Sarah says she now plans to celebrate the award with a holiday with her son and some treats for her team.

Nick Hawley, Community Director at West Yorkshire CRC, said: “In the depths of the service user’s despair, Sarah’s actions demonstrated that there was someone that cared for her, was willing to listen and would not give up hope. Sarah’s exceptional attitude to her work inspires those around her. She makes going above and beyond part of her normal daily work and encourages others to do so – this award is well deserved.”

West Yorkshire CRC Community Director Nick Hawley pictured with Sarah Hughes