Right Direction Volunteers Recognised at Celebration Event

Right Direction aims to recruit ex-service users to support current service users to successfully complete their orders. Through training they can gain a Level 1 award in probation Volunteering Skills which is great for enhancing their CV.

The volunteers act as a positive role model to show what service users can achieve offering inspiration and support along the way.
Tracy began volunteering at the end of her license. She says:

‘I had low self esteem and confidence and felt isolated and alone. Volunteering gave me an opportunity to give something back, develop my confidence and self esteem and I made new positive friendships. I volunteered for 12 months and am now in full time employment.
Right Direction definitely did change my life for the better and now I have been given the chance to help others change theirs’

The Right Direction Celebration Event held at St George’s Centre in Leeds saw 17 of the volunteers receive their certificates which marked the completion of their training. Our CEO, Bill McHugh was on hand to deliver the certificates to all of our well deserving volunteers. Before this he spoke to the group and let them know how much he appreciates and values their hard work and efforts to becoming positive role models.

‘I always believe in second chances for people, I want a balanced organisation and I see many people sitting here who I hope are going to be my future employees. I hope this is the start of your journey to moving on and becoming someone you want to be. I want to congratulate you all and say thank you for the difference that you are going to make to other peoples lives’

We hope that the skills learnt through the Right Direction Volunteer Training programme will be building blocks as they move onto new ventures, and that these skills are used to help other service users in the future.

Congratulations and well done.