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Work in Prison

Work in Prison

Deerbolt Prison

West Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company manages all low and medium risk offenders who are given a prison sentence of more than 12 months.

Offenders must serve the first part of their sentence in prison and the second part in the community on licence.

When an offender is released on licence, West Yorkshire CRC will manage them for the duration of the licence period.

Work in prison

Work in prison includes ensuring that offenders carry out group work and interventions to address their offending if these are available. It can include victim focused work as appropriate so the offender understands the impact of their crime. It is possible for serving prisoners to be involved in Restorative Justice.

Work in prison also includes resettlement work which aims to get the prisoner ready for release by addressing any issues or behaviour that could increase the likelihood of reoffending on release.

This can include work on:

  • Accommodation - finding somewhere safe and appropriate for the offender to live.
  • Employment, training and education opportunities. Prisoners can undertake training, further education and do a job while in prison.
  • Substance misuse - prison services can help offenders to address alcohol or drug issues before release.
  • Building or rebuilding family links and relationships. Often the involvement of families is a significant incentive to stopping reoffending.
  • Identifying community organisations who can provide essential support after release.

All work in prisons aims to address offending behaviour and reduce the risk of reoffending on release.

After release

Being on licence involves the offender maintaining contact with their Probation Officer and abiding by any licence conditions (restrictions on their movement or behaviour). Any offender who breaks their licence conditions can be returned to prison to finish their sentence.

The licence conditions depend on the seriousness of the crime and can include conditions that are similar to those imposed in The Community Order. For example a curfew, residence requirement, prohibition requirement (exclusion zone) and getting involved in certain activities and groups to address offending behaviour.