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The Community Order

The Community Order

When deciding on a sentence, Magistrates and Judges have a basic choice between a prison sentence, a Community Order, a Suspended Sentence Order, a fine or conditional discharge.

The Community Order allows magistrates and judges to tailor-make a different sentence for each offender, based on their offences and their circumstances, by choosing from a range of 12 different requirements.

The 12 requirements that sentencers can choose from are:

  • Alcohol Treatment Requirement
  • Attendance Centre Requirement
  • Community Payback (Unpaid Work)
  • Curfew Requirement
  • Drug Rehabilitation Requirement
  • Exclusion from certain areas
  • Mental Health Treatment Requirement
  • Activity Requirement
  • Prohibition from certain activities
  • Residence Requirement
  • Supervision Requirement
  • Restriction on foreign travel

In West Yorkshire an Intensive Community Order is also available. This is made up of a number of the above Requirements.

All Community Orders must include a punitive element. This can include Community Payback, Curfew, Prohibition, Residence Requirement or a fine.