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Integrated Offender Management

Integrated Offender Management

Integrated Offender Management involves West Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company working closely with police colleagues, substance misuse organisations, housing organisations, local Anti Social Behaviour Units and others to target prolific and priority offenders (the 10% of offenders commit more than 50% of serious acquisitive crime).

The aim of this partnership working is to focus on those offenders who have the most disproportionate effect on crime. By working together we are best placed to monitor and support the offenders who need it most.

There are three strands to the IOM strategy:

  • Prevent and deter - stop people offending in the first place.
  • Catch and convict - actively tackle and disrupt those who have been identified as prolific offenders.
  • Rehabilitate and re-settle - provide support, eg accommodation, treatment, employment and education etc, to prevent reoffending.

If an offender engages, they can access support to turn their lives round. But if an offender refuses to get involved, they can expect to receive regular visits from police and probation and will be under increased scrutiny.

The combination of regular checks and support from a range of agencies is what Integrated Offender Management is about and it works.