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Information for Sentencers

Group work to address offending behaviour

Offenders Attending an Accredited Programme

In West Yorkshire as part of the unique Post Sentence Assessment initiative, group work (activities and programmes) cannot be sentenced at court. Instead an Activity Requirement is sentenced and the exact components are determined by the Probation Officer after a thorough post sentence assessment of the offender.

In a series of meetings with the offender, the Probation Officer identifies which groups will best address the offender's behaviour and need.

A series of group and one-to-one interventions are available for each offender. These are delivered by trained facilitators or by Probation Officers as appropriate.

The groups tackle specific areas of offending behaviour or focus on offenders working together to achieve positive goals.

The West Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company regularly evaluates the effectiveness of group and one-to-one interventions to identify if they are working or whether different interventions are required.

All groups use methods designed to reduce the risk of reoffending, based on research into what actually works best to help stop offending.

If an offender doesn't attend the group or one-to-one interventions agreed or does not participate as agreed, they can be sent back to court for breaching their Order.