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WYCRC colleagues sleep rough for great Bradford cause

WYCRC colleagues sleep rough for great Bradford cause

Kind hearted staff slept rough for a night under Bradford's Foster Square Station arches to raise money for a charity dedicated to helping the homeless.

West Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company's case manager Donna Chatfield, together with colleagues Arabella Tillotson, Roxanne Charles, Jasmine Grant and participants from partner organisations - Helen Melling (p3 charity) and Alice Difori (Fresh start 4 u) - braved wintry conditions in aid of Inn Churches.

The charity organises an annual event, called Suits on the Streets, which enables businesses from across the city to spend a night sleeping rough. The aim is to raise awareness about the issue and to help raise cash to ensure decent winter provision is provided to those who need it.

Donna, who is based at the CRC's Fraternal House office, said: "I've been wanting to do this for sometime because clearly as a part of our work we come into contact with people on a daily basis who are either homeless or who live in unstable accommodation.

"I wanted to experience it for myself so I could develop a deeper appreciation of what it's like to sleep rough, but more importantly we wanted to raise money for such a deserving charity.

"I was also absolutely thrilled by how many people participated."

The team have contributed more than £1,800 to Inn Churches, who have so far raised more than £8,000.
Donna said: "It wasn't that bad on the night, but we had multiple sleeping bags and duvets, and local businesses provided food and hot drinks. We also knew we'd be back home in the morning and able to have a hot bath, and that it was for one night only.

"Clearly for those who face it every night, it's horrific."

Two rough sleepers joined the 50 participants gathered under the arches. One was on probation.

Donna said: "They were both really pleasant men. We learned a lot from chatting with them."
The charity funds a winter shelter in Bradford that offers provision for the homeless.