Day In The Life: Suhail Nawaz, Senior Case Manager featured image

“Prior to my current job, I had worked for a drug and alcohol services which gave me an insight into the life of service users. Prior this this I worked for various organisations in the retail industry which gave me confidence in the workplace.

“I joined Probation to make a difference, to support change and help people become better humans. From a young age, I have always held an interest in criminology and the law which prompted me to undertake a degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Bradford. I have seen first-hand the difficulties faced in my community and I am grateful to be able to help people and reduce crime.

“My personal values arise from my religion and my upbringing and these are a perfect match with the values of my organisation. I take great satisfaction from the work we carry out at the CRC and I am confident in saying we make the community and surrounding areas a safer place.

“We support people in many ways, both in terms of achieving their short or long term objectives. Each service user is unique and we are very responsive to their needs as it is a collective goal to help support change. The support we provide can vary from improving employability, finding and maintaining stable housing, reducing drugs and alcohol problems, improving mental health issues and addressing problems in thinking and behaviour.

“There is no greater joy than to see a service user make that change and live a better life, one away from offending behaviour”

“Our close involvement and expertise in working in conjunction with other partnership agencies is key to our success and benefits our service users immensely. There is no greater joy than to see a service user make that change and live a better life, one away from offending behaviour.

“My mentors are my manager and my peers who support me, motivate me and keep me going each day. I am very grateful for the training and time invested in me to become a qualified officer and the knowledge obtained on my journey. Job satisfaction is key to my success and I love my job due to the people I work with and the job we do collectively as an organisation.

“Away from the office I play football regular and play for a county amateur team which I look forward to every week. I also support Liverpool FC and this itself can be bumpy ride. My life has changed since becoming a dad and much more of my time is spent with my children, whether we are off to the beach, a playhouse or to the local park, family time is always a good experience.”